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Well.. gee

I am so on a short fuse day today...

but that's because Darky's been annoying the heck outta me as he's writing an assignment and doesn't know the harvard reverencing style , nor does he want to do his own research " can you find me X and Y" hnnng..... :: stangles::

 and mom and dad've been yelling/arguying again.. over how to better pack some spare part... :: sigh:: you guys! geez... if it was such a life/death decision.....

And my wrists are not all that better...right thumb's starting to 'loose it' too... :/ though it helps if I sorta sit in a weird position and end wup with my wrists on my right left leg which is over my left leg... (weird position yes...) but it seems to alleviate things a bit.

:: pause, blink stares:: Darky just walked in and went "Who's my Finance teacher?"

HELLO?! do I attend your classes, twit?!  *headdesk* Look in your damn subject outline!

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