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Daily rambles

Ehrm.. yes...back home... after 13 hours of 'running around'

HCI class was fun. he was talking about how they used metaphors to name things in a computer so people can warm up to things better (i.e. desktop == actual desktop with a computer, printer, etc....; Recycle Bin == garbage can; etc. I couldn't reist  and ask what where they thinking of as a metaphor when they named the little arrow 'cursor' (I wasn't being a smartass, it was a legit question.. and he was like "you know.. i never thought of that one....interesting")

Gina had spyware on her system, hence why her machine was running slower than a turtle...

Heh, the article on loneliness I've done for December issue, hit home with Gina. Considering she's 46 and single. And she said I can expand on it even more. So whoohoo... :D  WIll post the final product once I'm relatively satisfied with it ^^

Downside of things.... == my back and left knee hurt like heck...  too much behind the wheel.and I'm dead tired, although that last one could be because I've had quite af illing dinner at Iftar... or.... lack of sleep in the last month's finally catching up to me... lol .. either way...


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Oct. 10th, 2005 08:47 pm (UTC)
Actually, cursor isn't a metaphor at all, its not even a name for the arrow. It comes from the old days when you had a flashing cursor, or carrot as it was known.

You know that | symbol that shows you where your typing.

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