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I've been quiet on LJ today, I know.. not been too active on the computer either.Not until evening anyway. Finished the third Java program  with a lot of help from Dan. (thanks mon!)

 Lower back's giving me trouble, so I spent quite a bit of time lying on my bed, reading my 'How to teach English' book and watching NCIS (well watched two eps... :/ ) and doing chores here and there. mom thinks I'm fakin' it..

Heh. right.think she's going to believe me when I'm in traction? or will it still be "you're faking it"  Yes mother... I'm also faking the fact that I sleep two hours a night... just because i"m not on the computer doesn't mean I'm asleep... even if I'm in my bed. :: holds up a notepad :: past midnight ramblings.. 'ware if they make it into StudenTalk

Speaking of StudenTalk. Meeting Gina tomorrow at her office; need to look at her PC as well (see I double as tech support there as well as write two columns for 'em and act as junior editor; and nope,. don't get paid for either of those things, not yet anyway. )

P.S. I like my current Gibbs icon. Might set that as default. note to self: make more Gibbs icons....

Well this post made sense

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