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Man ... weird things my mind comes up with when I've been going on 2-4 hours sleep for a month... granted my grammar's going out of the window, but heh. I've managed to pen down a few more articles. Will have to post the "finished products" once they're edited to my satisfaction.

Been on a roll of sorts when it comes to real life stuff... like studies and CELTA preparation! Hehe.. always a good thing. Amazing what you can accomplish when your sleep pattern's shot and you're still in your right mind.. not that I ever was in my right mind to begin with.. ahem...

Although I should watch a movie or something sometime. Well I had an NCIS marathon of sorts, watched half of season one that I taped. Might finish the other half ^^ It's kinda fun to watch the first season and compare it to the second season, note the little changes and such. I'd like to see 'Meltdown' and 'Ice Queen' though. compare those with the NCIS now.

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