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Yeah so.. still up... pondering things, sort of. Something someone said in IRC has managed to set me off a bit. well upset, in a way. to the point of me hitting the bathroom to throw up. :/ never a good sign, but I think stuff's under control now. Not that I was feeling all that horrible and angsty. just upset over things. No biggie.

It sorta got me in a writing mood and I'm still on the PC writing StudenTalk stuff. Suckers are about 2 pages long and i'm still sorting things out. Editing might actually be trickier than writing 'em. LOL. especially writing the endings to things. What do you leave the reader with at the end? I try to leave them with a line or two to make 'em think a bit further. Trick is finding the right words sometimes, and so that everything flows nicely.

My "learning from negativity" thing took me about 4 days to edit to the point of me being fully satisfied with it. Hopefully I'll have a bunch done by Saturday ^^ At this rate I think I will... if my folks won't find me on the PC so late (early?)

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