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Daily stuff

read HCI and watched 'Married...With Children' and a couple of others on Comedy Channel before dozing off for two hours.

errands with dad.. to the bank and to buy groceries. picked up Parrott's "Grammar for English Language Teachers" from University Bookshop here too. I've had trouble finding a copy, UniBookshop was near the bank, so we dropped by and voila.

Came home feeling kinda bleh... bad headache and general drowsiness (blood pressure probably dropped..) good thing came outta that is I did take a wee nap. so add another couple of hours there. Heh. still got the headache. lack of coffee probably.

Working on a cover story for December's issue for StudenTalk. Loneliness. (since there are a lot of lonely people during the 'festive season', inspired by a mix of a seasonal topic and office romances (not sure how I got inspired by that from there.. but eh..) )

I have a total of 15 articles I'm working on at the moment (yeah.. 15... those sleepless nights don't go wasted, even if my grammar seems to go outta the window in the wee hours of the mornings) though I type up the stuff once I'm at the computer; I generally sit and write with a pad and a pen, because mom has issues with me sitting at the computer late.

Here's the Cynically Yours articles that got published already:

I know those are short, the CY column's not meant to be longer than one page. Short rants from yours truly. my other column however has stuff that's longer and way more 'insightful' than just the little rants that take pot shots at the human race ^^

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