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Well Ramadan started... First of all Ramadan Kareem to all the Muslim friends on my LJ!

classes are each hour 15 minutes shorter. two hour lecture is now 1.5 hours long. and that's quite hectic because we still have the same amount of material to cover... and some folks are grouchy already from not eating and drinking for a day.

I'm not fasting (am not Muslim, I just live in this country) but at the rates I eat when in uni, I may as well be fasting... heh well aside all that coffee I drink... I live off of that stuff! but I take care not to eat or drink in front of folks. Law enforcement's quite severe with things; up to the point of deportation if they see you eat in a public place during Ramadan. regardless of what your religion is

Ah well. Java lab was actually quite... productive.. though I got 3 programs to write for next week's lab.almost done with the first one; for most part anyway. Java is actually more....'fun' so to speak. I play around with things more freely in terms of stuff and I don't seem as confused as I was with C++. Go figure...

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