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Morning rambles

Four hours sleep... woooo :: does a half dazed jig ::

class day ^^ HCI and Java lectures today. I've sorta read the material upfront...for HCI anyway, Java text was what put me to sleep somewhere in the middle of the thing....

change of topic a tad....

You know...people who go "I don't have time to do this/that" but spent two to four hours at a time playing Battlefield 2 or some other game... Shut up!!! You got time to play a stupid game, you should have time for anything else.

Maybe it's just me... I rarely play 'Sims 2' or 'Jeopardy' or even a game of 'BlackJack' now, and I've stopped reading novels now as well, because it's time for some serious uni work. I can't waste my time playing some silly game then mess up an assignment or miss something out in the lectures.

Granted one could argue the TF stuff is a game and I'm wasting my time on that, maybe I am. But it's been to keep things 'running' and 'going' not for my personal gain or strictly my enjoyment. Even though the 'end result' awards me a promotion or two and a higher 'job position' If anything in the past few months, I haven't been concentrating on my own simm like I should be doing.

I do use the ol' "I don't have time" bit when it comes to things centering around me, myself and I. Rather I use the "That can wait, there are things more important right now to deal with" bit. And I know at times that's wrong. You gotta concentrate on yourself at times. There is only so much you can do for others. But I feel guilty if I'm doing something 'just for myself' and looking at things, there really aren't that many things in my life that I do 'just for myself'; not directly anyway. Weird, huh....

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