Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Say what....?

* DrDanielJackson waves
[19:03:48] [Vince] Heya.
[19:04:24] [DrDanielJackson] what's up?
[19:04:30] [Vince] For the next few days you'll be Acting TFCO... starting tomorrow morning.
[19:04:32] [Vince] Not much, you?
[19:05:45] [DrDanielJackson] *does a double take* whu.... ? what-now?
[19:06:44] [DrDanielJackson] Ahem.. fine.. I think.... 'least I was till you dropped that bomb on me.. lol
[19:07:05] [DrDanielJackson] any specific things to do/deal with whilst you're gone?
[19:07:17] [Vince] Keep things running.
[19:07:27] [Vince] I just won't be able to do anything cause I'll be full of pain killers.

Okay, it's 'Acting TFCO' and for a few days, but heh. Sweet... ^^

OH wait..I'm in charge... they're doomed ^.^


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