Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

ISP == Internet Service Preventer

Okay.... ISP just about irked me off...

Still sporadically hopping off/on. some pages not displaying, mail not being picked up, the only works for about 5 minutes....

there were issues with the ATM Switch network yesterday, as well as some at work; so it is likely the entire network's been disrupted, but you try getting the ISP to admit their fault! Oh no! they'd rather blame the user.

Oi.. tech support....(sound familiar?)

Tach Guy:"open up your explorer"
Me:"not using Explorer"
Tech guy:"what are you using?"
Tech Guy:"what that?!"
Me: *silent 'headdesk' move* "A browser....that is a lot less buggy and way more secure than Explorer"
Tech Guy: "it's probably why you can't browse the Internet. try Explorer"
Yeah.. same reason why I can't CHECK MY E-MAIL bub! ::strangles:: why can't they just say they don't know what FireFox is, instead of outright blaming IT for the reason things aren't going well?

Course the guy couldnt do anything, he said he'll transfer me to the supervisor...spent half an hour on hold only to get hunmg up on! I call back, my already thin patience even thinner...wait for ten minutes for a tech to pick up, tell him to get the supervisor; he asks if he can help, I say 'yeah., by getting me the supervisor' spend another 5-10 minutes on the phone , fianlly get the supervisor.

Told him I'm not too pleased of being kept on hold for half an hour only to get hung up on... he got my number, said he'll sort the guy out, because they're supposed to answer queries, nto hang up on people! then asked me what the problem was... I just went straight to the point....told him I have no spyware, no ad-aware, no viruses, my settings on the firewall and on the gateway are correct, the line's been re-set several times, the guys came over here a few weeks ago and didnt find any problems with the line... but the problem's still there...

*shock* *horror* guy didn't go "what the hell's FireFox?" O.o guess there's a reason why he's the supervisor.. heh.

Line 's being monitored closely by them now. See if it IS the line or something else... I don't know what else it can this stage

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