Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Craving to fly....

I get the weird ones... was running errands with dad today (buying food and stocking up on beer/alcohol for the upcoming month as those places are closed during Ramadan)

The beer store is near the Flying Club (what a weird place to have a flying club near.... or alcohol stolre near a flying club.. whichever....heh)

The Cessna 172 was coming in for a landing just as we were leaving. That just kinda made me think 'damn.. I wanna do that...' (ok compare a Cessna to an F-14 (which is my dream jet :P) and the F-14 obviously beats a Cessna hands down anytime of day or night, but a Cessna's a beginning anyway...)

Brought the subject of it to dad.Course it's not cheap to learn how to fly (somewhere in the neighbourhood of 6,000 bucks for a full fledged private pilot's license course; exam, medicals, training, 40+ hours of flight) but he's warm to the idea of me actually going for a trial flight.

From there on , maybe once I get my CELTA certificate and graduate and get a full time job , I'll be able to put up some cash towards that. Steady income and all.

I mean ok some people race horses as a hobby, what's wrong with flying planes as one?!

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