Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

I've got a sudden craving for trance and remixes....for some odd reason.. O.o just like the beat I guess.

Coming onto week three of my whacked out/not much sleep pattern.. guh.... actually I'm getting used to it, even the moments where I start to ramble...

Putting the time I am up to good use though. I'm getting ahead of things in HCI for starters. and reading up stuff on CELTA, so that come November I wont' all be lost so that I have to put in extra time for that. Better put the extra time in now, when I actually 'have' the extra time.

Two complains for the day: headache, and a nosebleed a few hours ago. but that's ok now, and I can deal with the headache for most part.

Heh the common English mistakes/errors are interesting, to say the least.
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