Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

First order of business done ^^ Sent off an e-mail to the Task Group COs telling them what's expected of them. 2 pages of stuff. Still gotta get used to the ship names and people's names in here.

Not that that's the only thing I've been doing... I've read a chapter for next week's HCI class, skimmed over my notes; skimmed over the chapter we did in Java (I'm content on passing it from the first time!)

Gave up on the wireless part of the tablet at least for the usual things. Bluetooth's a bit wonky I guess, and the fact that my PC's been having slight issues ever since I installed the bluetooth link; it could point to possible issue with Windows. So I'll see how things go from here on.

It's not really funny when you plug in a Flash Drive and the machine reboots... or today I've installed DivX, opened it up, PC rebooted.. O.o I know it's not a virus, it's not spyware or ad-aware... it could be that it's been running without an hour or so break for the past two/coming up on three weeks...much like me, come to think of it. I might clean the fans tomorrow too.

I need to find a tool that looks after stuff like temperature and memory management...

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