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'But...I wanted that job!'

Here comes the bickering....this time from one of our TGCOs.. ::rolls eyes:: with regards to our TFXO stepping down....

This was said to Mack though.

[Target] You know what else really got to me, and don't take this too bad but...how you could go back on your word. You told me if you got rid of the TFXO or TF2ndXO that I'd get it. But no, in the e-mail with the updates...it woulda been DDJ. But now that Charles is coming in and it's still butterworth I'm fine. But the whole DDJ getting to Commodore in 6 months and ATF2ndXO and all...that's getting to me. It's almost as
[Target] Major General Promotion from Colonel

What's the matter boy-o? Jealous I got there in 6 months instead of a year+? This is the same guy who was running around shining his pips and stuffing it down everybody's throats when he got Commodore.

"Oh Mack you promised me TF2XO how come DDJ is Acting TF2XO now?"

Um.. let's see.. cuz I DO STUFF! Not sit on my butt shining my pips and making sure they look good on me...

There's a possible transfer on the horizon (no put intended, really!) right now it looks very tempting to take given the resentment I feel from Target. Drew - the other TGCO (now ex-TGCO, twit resigned right after I got promoted ::shakes head), pretty much told me straight off if it didn't come directly from Mack he's not gonna listen to what I say. Right now I get the sense, something similar's gonna happen with Target. Given my rank, given how 'fast' I got to that rank, and how much I've done, he's sure as heck will try to undermine me in some way.

He did admit to me the other day, after my promotion went official, that he felt threatened and intimidated given how long I've been in the TF (and BF as a whole) and where I stand now. I mean I'm being headhunted ALREADY?!? At least 4-5 people (TFCOs and the CnC) out there know I'm quite capable of doing a given job within a TF. Be it TGCO, TF2XO, TFXO or perhaps TFCO someday. If it's given to me, I do my best to live up to the title. I've never been the one to chase positions, I take things as they go, and I step up to the plate because I want to help and because I want to do things and because I have the skills to do them. And really. old habits die hard I guess.

Friction within a team is never a good thing, even if you get along well with the TFCO. I gotta work with the rest of the team as well , and I'm more or less the frontline for most of things. I don't want people thinking I'm here because I rode on someone else's shoulders or I sucked up to Mack to get to where I am. I don't need to suck up, I just have to work for it. And that is exactly what I am doing, and what I will keep on doing.

Right now I dont know...I want what's best for the TF, and if transferring over to 93 to keep the peace within the senior staff in 17 is the way to go; I'm willing to go for it. I don't want any crud towards me from anyone on the staff just because I'm somewhere where they think they should be. It will hamper the internal workings withing the TF if I stick around. I feel, anyway.


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Sep. 24th, 2005 07:07 am (UTC)
*offers coffee*

'People' are overrated, guaranteed.. ;)
Sep. 24th, 2005 10:49 am (UTC)
Let me just explain a few things....

Target == tit
Drew == tit
Other TGCO == tit

Odd number of tits see? Thats what irritates me and others, when you can't get an even number of em.

Really ignore Target, he spent 3 months refusing to talk to me because I got a TFCO spot last year.

He's a tit.

Basically, you have to know how to ignore the tits, or find some way of kicking them out ;)


Sep. 24th, 2005 11:21 am (UTC)
Drew *is* the other tit....the one that resigned, but you're still right, still got an uneven number of 'em...
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