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Is that jealousy I see?

* DrDanielJackson hops up and down looking for stuff to do....
[18:45:35] * Gaffer just shakes his head
[18:45:56] [Wolfe] DDJ, I have a project I could use your help on :-D
[18:45:59] [DrDanielJackson] what's with the head shaking?
[18:46:04] [DrDanielJackson] what project, Lenny?
[18:46:12] [Wolfe] PM
[18:46:18] [DrDanielJackson] righty-o
[18:46:23] [Wolfe] CG could help as well if she was interested lol
[18:46:44] [CGinCA] of course
[18:47:18] * Gaffer keeps his mouth shut as he don't want another Project to do
[18:47:41] [Wolfe] CG.. #wolfeslair
[18:48:40] [DrDanielJackson] wuss... :P
[18:49:04] [Gaffer] Meh
[18:49:19] [DrDanielJackson] :P
[18:51:29] [Gaffer] i don't want to get suckered into doing something which i don't want to do... or have the time to do
[18:51:55] [DrDanielJackson] suckered?
[18:52:10] [DrDanielJackson] Mack, you hear that?
[18:52:51] [Gaffer] hear what
[18:53:10] [Gaffer] you called me a wuss for not wanting more to do...
[18:53:23] * Gaffer srugs and goes back to learning 3dsmax
[18:53:49] [DrDanielJackson] uh huh :P
[18:54:29] [Dave] wuss :P
[18:54:39] [Dave] more work means easier promotion
[18:54:47] [Dave] :D
[18:55:01] [Gaffer] who said i wanted to be Promoted...
[18:55:56] [Gaffer] i don't suckup to the bosses by doing there jobs for them... or specail Project...
[18:56:07] [DrDanielJackson] are you implying something Gaffer?
[18:56:23] [Dave] He's saying the Staff at TF17 are lazy :P
[18:56:35] [Dave] which ... was true when I was there ... dunno about now :D
[18:56:45] [Gaffer] well you we're asked to do something for Wolfe, and dave said that doing things means faster Promotion
[18:56:59] * Wolfe is now known as Stuff
[18:57:26] * Stuff is now known as Wolfe
[18:58:00] [Dave] Everybody, get stuffed :D
[18:58:15] [DrDanielJackson] so you think I 'm chasing after promotions, Gaffer?
[18:58:24] [Gaffer] i never said that
[18:58:29] [DrDanielJackson] but you implied that
[18:58:34] [Gaffer] you just have way more time on your hands then me
[18:58:48] [Gaffer] which means you will do things for others... and go further then me
[18:58:50] [DrDanielJackson] no i don't have way more time than you, I just have the ability to multitask better than you
[18:59:25] [DrDanielJackson] I often do 3 things at once, instead of one thing at once; cuts the time down in accomplishing a certain task
[19:00:14] [Wolfe] I believe DDJ was willing to hear about my special project because of friendship, nothing what so ever about promotions Gaffer
[19:00:55] [Gaffer] i never brought up Promotion...
[19:00:57] [Gaffer] Dave did
[19:01:15] [Dave] :P
[19:01:24] [Dave] hello :D
[19:01:42] [Gaffer] so don't put words into my mouth... Yes i did say that if thats the case i won't get Promoted.
[19:02:08] [Wolfe] well, you mentioned sucking up
[19:02:25] [Gaffer] ok thats true
[19:02:49] [Wolfe] taking on responsabilites (which this isn't one of those) and running a successful simm is what gets people noticed for things
[19:03:09] * Gaffer decides to keep his mouth shut
[19:04:07] [Gaffer] i'm going to bed before i say something i'll really regreat... night guys
[19:04:13] * Gaffer is now known as GafferBED
[19:04:14] * GafferBED has been marked as AWAY: Gone to bed
[19:04:15] [DrDanielJackson] best idea I've heard all my life
[19:04:18] [DrDanielJackson] from you
[19:04:24] [GafferBED] [censored] off
[19:04:24] * DrDanielJackson beats up then takes a swig of coffee and walks off whistling casually.
[19:04:25] [Ro_Wolfe] Well, I'm shocked at you using a censored word GafferBED you need a time out in the naughty corner! :-D
[19:04:27] * GafferBED ( Quit (Quit: )
[19:04:55] [Dave] you two finished now ?
[19:05:48] [Wolfe] no
[19:05:57] [Dave] righto

I am not amused....oh no.. far from it…

he can't say I suck up or do squat and get a higher rank. I work for it. I work more than some of the other people in the TF and my efforts are evident. I get involved into things because that's how I am. I care, and I want to help, and I want something to do aside being a CO on a ship.

It is not sucking up, never has been. I don't suck up. I don't do anyone's jobs for them. I don't ride someone else's back to get to where I am. Where I am is due to my efforts and work put in, not because I'm sucking up to Mack or Lenny or anyone else with a higher rank than me.

I don’t expect a promotion after everything I do. I do it because I can do it and because it’s part of my ‘job description’, granted, some things I do out of pure friendship. I was just as happy at Commander as I am at Commodore right now; I just have a bigger workload and responsibility to the Task Force with a higher rank and a slightly different job. That doesn’t mean I stop working and doing what I do.

It’s all in multitasking. The ability to do several things at once. If I do one thing at once, I get bored easily. If I am doing several things at once none of the things I do get ‘mundane’ and boring so to say.

I’m highly irritated he had the nerve to accuse me of kissing up…or doing their jobs or offering to help on a project. If I have the skills and the time (or I can squeeze it in) why not? It doesn’t make me a rank-chaser.

Yes, Gaffer…you can go up the Chain of Command ‘faster’ if you get noticed by doing things for the fleet as a whole not just your Task Force, and not constantly whining about things. However, this is not why I do ‘em.

I do them because I can and because I like to help people out. It’s got nothing to do with getting a bigger rank. I’m just being myself, helpful, remember when I helped you out with your hacks on TMA and SGO? Was that to gain a higher rank too? Nope, that was just me being a friend and helping you out.

What happened now? Oh that’s right…

AceIRC: -- I’m a Global Operator since March 31/June 1. You’ve just lost your Local Operator status a week or so ago, because of your attitude and refusal to ‘shape up’

BravoFleet: I’ve been in BF shorter than you, got a command quicker than you, have a command longer than you, have a higher rank than you, hold a senior staff position.

It’s not because I ‘have more time’ it’s because I have a better attitude about things like seeing my friends in higher positions than me. Say thanks I’m not your TGCO. It’s not because I ‘have more time’ it’s because I don’t have a holier than thou attitude towards people like Lenny, and Dan, and Mack, and just about anyone in BF. You aren’t higher and mightier than anyone in there, don’t act like you are.

Yes, I have plenty of former experience as a Fleet XO back from the 25th days, but I’m not shoving it down anyone’s throats or saying I’m too high and mighty for a lowly CO position. And why oh why have I been stuck at Commander for sometime? Yes.. fine.. 6 months down the road I’m a Commodore, not bad. But I actually DO have something to show for it in terms of not sitting on my arse and whining about things.

More time on my hands? You’re the one without a job right now. You dont' have to go to college. What are you doing? Sleeping 8-10 hours a night according to the IRC away messages, and then out and about somewhere or playing some game….you even looking for a job aside whining about how hard it is to find a job? I have a job, two classes, my writing/editing stint for StudenTalk, TF17 stuff, chorus rehearsal, chorus management stuff, sleep for about 2 hours a night these days if I’m lucky. Oh hell yes I have more time than you!

The second I hear our Commander in Chief talk about a project or something, I don’t offer my help and think ‘oh.. a chance to score with the CnC / a chance to get promoted’ I offer help because I want to help, not because I want a higher rank.

You known me for 3 years so far, you oughta KNOW I’m not the type to suck up or kiss ass just to get a higher rank. And I betcha you didn’t know I turned down two promotions thus far, because I felt I hadn’t deserved them at the time, because I’ve not done anything out of the ordinary for the Task Force or for the fleet.

Shows how well you know me…all this is is you being jealous about where I am, and where you are. Cuz you feel you should be where I am considering you've been in BF longer than I have. It's not special favours, it's not special projects, it's just ability to communicate with people and give your time to some things in order to make things better in your task Force. It's the ability to give a rat's ass. You my friend don't give a rat's ass about anyone but yourself it seems....

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