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Daily rambles

Lack of sleep finally catching up with me, I've had a headache most of the day (at least I'm still coherent....)

Got 'robbed' again... *mutter* apparently left my car unlocked yesterday after zipping off to pick up Darky's credit card from the courier. I get in today to go to work, my dragon that was hanging under my mirror's missing... and there are knife marks on the bottom of the mirror and it was at a weird angle with messy marks (probably blurred fingerprints) on the mirror itself. and the lights inside the car were on... bugger it... who the heck would need a dragon?! (granted was probably the most expenceive thing in there.) after the last time I don't leave anything 'of value' there, and I thought, really who'd want to take a small dragon? Apparently there are folks out there who'd knick anything that's not tied or bolted down. Actually no, it was tied down.. gah... *throws darts at the morons*

Trying to figure out how to catch them in action. I mean they strike when there are people at home... with the lights on around the house and in the house.... O.o either extremely daredevil or just stupid...

Need to find a way to catch them somehow...or hurt 'em badly when they're climbing over the fence... putting oil or grease isn't much help, because it dries out in the sun. broken glass can be bypassed by putting a piece of clothing over it and climbing over, at least the second time around. barbed wire might be a tad extreme..Security camera on the roof overlooking where the cars are parked might be an idea, but who knows they might knick that too....

What would Gibbs do....? :P

Work was good. Sorted out a mess in Teacher References with the cassettes. Wee bit of a headacke in itself, since some of them aren't even on the same record but it's a copy of the same cassette... oy.. but that's sorted out for most part, just have to sort out the more headachy ones on Saturday.

And why do I manage to bring work home sometimes? Brought home 3 cassettes to copy. 2 of them need to go on one cassette. Pity we can copy one at a time at work, and there's quite a bit to do. I've done IELTS test ones today; the ones I brought home are from a kit.

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