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Chorus resumed today.. I didn't go. Kinda apathetic over some things right now.

Mostly just making my way though things an hour at a time. Think the signs of lack of sleep are showing. Heh.

Not had coffee today either. yes... you heard me.. not had coffee today. can pick your jaw off the floor now...

I can't sleep... X_X not when Darky's at home and awake anyway. weird that. or maybe not.. parents should be back Friday; college starts back up on Saturday... vacation? yeah.. right..

So far schedule looks like afternoon classes Monday to Wednesday. *but* CELTA stuff in November from 1230 to 2030, am not fully sure how I'm going to manage that. BUt I'll figure something out somewhere along the line I'm sure.

Or something...mhm.. yes.. something...

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