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I'll be darned if i knew why some things happen. if i knew ... but on the other hand, it woudln't be such a learning experience if i knew in advance.

Life doesn't have to make sense in order to happen. Life's...that way at times.

Still not quite sure why exactly I spent a good hour or so crying. whether it was something someone said to me, or lack of sleep the last few days, or something else. who knows at this stage. All of the above? maybe. maybe not.

Right now, given that I don't know. I'm giving it to someone who does know. He doesn't have to tell me, He doesn't have to clue me in, but He'll help me anyway. Already has, in fact, given I'm not really 'upset' per se.

I don't know what I am, but it's not really upset or depressed or anything of that sort. Go figure.

Be nice to know what it is though. Aside a learning experience...

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