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*beats Darky's head in*

TURN OFF YOUR RAP... I don't wanna know 200 different ways to kill someone just by listening to one song...

He brought his GF over... and 'forgot' to mention she was coming over until he went out to open the door for her... HELLO?! House's not that clear considering I've been sorting spare parts most of the day. My room's a bit of a mess because I've been re-arranging stuff in there before classes start, and he invites her over AND doesn't tell me in advance?!


Is this just him or men in general?! doesn't clean up after himself... he makes the tea and all for himself, then I find most of the kitchenware, mugs and spoons in his room. That's like 48 hours later, and half the kitchen's in his room....

Not entirely sure why she likes him...I mean.... imagine living with that...O.o
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