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can we PLEASE kill off all the humans?

Oasis Center, had a petshop there... :S this got me more than just a wee bit upset....Yeah... I'm more upset about animals dying than humans. Because frankly at times i think in order to make this planet a better place humans are the ones that should be killed off. At least the bigger percentage of them. And why not? We're already killing off eachother. All the wars, the politics, the fights, the 'accidents' the violence, everything....and we're supposed to be the SUPERIOR race?! since when is violence considered superior?

And you know what pisses me off and irritates me more? That people STAND and WATCH and not do anything about it...maybe that's why I'm so 'cold' towards people dying. Because with all the things people do do around here, quite a lot of them deserve to die. Heck probably half this whole planet deserves that. but who am I to judge that...? (and before anyone says anything, no I'm not saying what happened in New Orleans was something people living these deserve....I'm speaking of things here, in UAE, taking into consideration my personal experiences and what i see around here.... )

I've been in a 7 car accident last year, it's not a pleasant feeling to have people driving by and staring at you, some even stopping to take a closer gander, and no one even bothering to call the cops, to see if the authorities have even been alerted. they all just want to take a freaking look and even laugh (yes, some laughed, and it took almost every ounce of my self control to not bash some of those people in... here's the LJ entry for that particular day )

I swear, people here are like "oh look.. an accident! let's all stare and laugh!" it's not "lets see if everything's okay, have the cops been called?" where's the value of a human life? it's becoming more of a...purely entertaining....because it's just.. I dont' know... it's like 'oh well it didn't happen to me, so it's all fun and good'

Or maybe it's just me who's the weird one on this planet...? whose first concern is to make sure people are okay... it's not 'how big the dent in the car is' it's 'is everyone looks okay and is there anyone here who needs assistance'

though I don't stop at every accident scene and the like, I would if I've seen something horrific and if there was no sign of police or medical personnel anywhere. My experiences taught me enough to value things like that. To know that immediate help sometimes is what is needed and what can make the difference between life and death.

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