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Mhmm... four am... I'm still up and about. Restless I guess. Darky's long gone sleeping. I'm kinda reading John Grisham's 'the Client' in bed with a Third Rock from the Sun tape on in the background. Yes Jessie's goofing off actually... :P As opposed to what some people might think, I don't actually eat, sleep and drink Task Force stuff even if I *do* do quite a handful... (still trying to figure out how I ended up doing jobs of three people minus a couple of things... eh heh....)

Parents landed some time ago. So it's just me not wanting to sleep. Insomnia I guess... and no this isn't "oh look parents aren't here I can do whatever I want" mode. Although mom does usually chase me into bed around 1am-ish. Or tries to anyway, heh.

Don't want to sleep and am not really that tired... sides reading's more fun ^.^

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