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People talking to me about MacGyver got me interested in checking the show out, so I've read stuff on want the DVDs now....>.> Course.. money problems... so... lol, not until about January by my latest estimates.... I gotta get the SG1 set first as that's already pre-arranged and cash for that's gonna be put aside. (it's an essential thing, darnit! :P )

And they're talking about raising the gas prices over here in April next year, again..see all that construction crud around here, can't be good... ::mutter:: not sure how much by they're going to raise 'em, but eh...

Gotta chase up my grades, rather try to, see if I need to repeat C++ or do the last two subjects... until then I'm fairly up in the air with the schedule for the next semester. Thus far things look like they're all in the afternoons just different days, so it's not too bad, but it does mean I may have to juggle things around with CELTA in November/December.

Still sick... although better than the last two days. Just cough a lot and got trouble talking for most part; otherwise okay.

Folks going out of country for at least a week on Friday....

Wee quiz I saw somewhere earlier on...
You are a Trill, scientific and fairly passive. You
value your memories and the lives of those who
have passed before you. People look up to your
intuitive and deductive mind.

What Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Species Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

heh.. funny how one of my characters is a Trill...^.^

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