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Daily musings and TF stuff

Okay so I finally caught that bug that's been going around since before the finals started. mom and dad and Darky caught in a few days ago. Mom spent yesterday in bed mostly, dad spent the day before in bed... Darky was away for the weekend.. no idea what's up with him...

I was reading in bed last night and fell asleep basically; woke up with a sore throat and a blocked nose and was running a wee bit of a fever earlier on today. Mostly allright now aside a minor stuffy head and a sore throat.

Got work tomorrow, last day of finals for undergrads, so it's expected to be a busy day at the library with people returning books and all. SO no way am I even planning on missing that....

Still hiding out on IMs, popped on briefly to get something transferred over AIM, then went back off pretty much.

Task Force stuff's going all right. No one bugged me to set up a site, and I've only got a few "How do I..." e-mails that I oughta reply to. Amended the simm and CO lists, we got a new simm, Area51. Oh and heh.. 29th August, got promoted to Captain due to my TF-related work. Not that I've been bustin' my butt there, but think the TGCOs are at least being more effective than before and things are sort of picking up slowly. Now if we can get that lack of communication between some folks problem sorted out. but all in due time. Bit by bit. step by step.

Cutting down? Yeah I guess I've cut down a bit on things. still got that multitasking thing going. if I'm talking to Dan on IRC, I'm also doing something or other on the sidelines. I think it's easier to handle all TF stuff in the morning, and then just whatever pops up later on in the day. For some reason I just can't help it, but do something, because otherwise I feel like my job's not gettin' done...

What is my job? as TFSLO, my main job is to assist the senior staff in any way I can and act as a liaison between the folks higher up in the chain of command and the players/COs. I also, act as the representative for the Senior Staff when addressing concerns/comments etcetra brought forward by the players of the TF.

What does that mean?! LOL. pretty much keep tabs on the entire Task Force of sorts. as I said earlier on, I'm the TFXO in Liaison's clothing to an extent. (maybe I should've taken that Task Group CO jobbie a few months ago lol. be less to 'watch over')

I did stop sending the lengthy e-mails to the senior staff for the time being, unless there's a relatively and potentially 'big' problem I see forming on the horizon. Just a few reminders to the list to make sure they send their monthly reports in and keep the TF manifests up to date and the like. Most of my time's consumed with me looking over the things, finding said issues. and I'm trying to cut that down as well, sadly I dont' really have that 'meh' attitude about this sort of thing especially if there's a certain responcibility attached to something. but I'm trying not to let it rile me up, really.

Can't do everything. Plus I actually have to start having a life outside things online...although you learn quite a bit on 'jobs' like these, technically this isn't something I can put on my CV, per se. (what am I gonna say?!)

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