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Man dad's in a good mood today ^^ he agreed to give me $300 for the CELTA deposit to pay in September provided I pay the rest of the course myself. Which I will.. and that means I've got 300 less bucks to worry about for payment. so technically I've got about a thousand more to collect...that's about 4 months work at the library. Think I can scrape up the rest easily, given time and my 'no buying books/magazines/DVDs for a few months and cutting costs when having lunch at uni' policy ^.^ working out so far, I've got about a hundred extra bucks saved up over the month of August that way. They upped the price for the chocolates at the candy machines... >.< and they're upping the fuel prices starting tomorrow...

Speaking of dad's good mood....My newest acquisition ^^

Dad kinda snuck up on me at Virgin in BurJuman whilst I was looking at the specs, and he was like 'do you want it?' I told 'im I've been lookin' for one for awhile now, but it wasn't such a big deal right now to get it considering I'm trying to save my cash. He was like 's okay...get it' so he paid ^ I'm still gonna pay him back. Feel bad about getting something not with my own cash, for no reason...

but this thing is neat! I was looking for a wired one, and had trouble finding one after I've seen one at Virgin few weeks ago. It's like they dropped off the face of the Earth or something....

yeah.. that's where we went after I came back from work.. which was.. hehe.... fun ^.^ in a hectic kinda way
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