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Final and daily ramblings

C++ final.. didn't go *too* bad I guess...'ve actually answered all but one programming question, which is good.. hehe...20MCQs and 5 programming questions... :: twitch:: MCQs were all right for most part...results.. I don't know.. I'm hoping I passed, because I really really want to get this over with and do the two I have left so I can graduate at last!

Work was good... and 4 of my requests have arrived~! just in time too.. considering I'm done with my semester and can spend some time studying up on spyware and security related topics ^ want to get back into that hobby, that I've kinda let slip over the last year. just done casual reading in terms of keeping up with things here and there, nothing too deep like I was last year. Time to get that resurrected again.

I've literaly spent the day on coffee and a chocolate bar.....Came back home just a few minutes ago... only to find three folks from TF17 want to speak to me...oughta e-mail 'em.. actually two folks from TF17 and's like they're gangin' up.. hehe

I gotta pay the final installment tomorrow for the subject I took in the summer. and I gotta start planning my finances so I can afford to pay for the CELTA course myself. If I hit my bank account with it straight off, it's not gonna look good for my account. And I'm not earning enough at the library to raise the cash that way in just a few months. Might look into doing some sort of temporary work that'll pay a couple of thousand Dirhams so I can push that towards CELTA. The C++ course set me back about a thousand bucks. And the CELTA course is around USD1900. So yeah... 'm saving money by trying not to eat much at uni and not to buy stuff in shops and all.

There goes my tablet and a wireless phone for my room...but eh, no biggie, really.. I can live without that...not sure how I'm gonna get the Stargate DVDs in October tho...good thing my friend who gets 'em for me in New Zealand knows I'm good for my word and I pay him back as soon as I got the cash, but then $52 for a set is a bargain and I might be able to work that into things... I should be able to, anyway. Might try selling off some of my text books that are still being used, they're in good condition, so might get good prices for those. Oughta put up a list....

Darwin Moment: Leaving for uni/work in my slippers! (fortunately they are just flip flops I got from Marks and Spencer which can somewhat pass as shoes I guess, so non one seemed to notice, but I kinda went 'uh oh.. dang....' now I gotta clean 'em before wearing them at home again)

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