Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Don't folks know that you're not supposed to put NPCs into the manifests on the main site, as that plays havoc with the Task Force stats? >.< And that explains why some of them don't have an e-mail address.... Heh.. sent out a couple of e-mails out regarding that...(is that even my job?! I don't know anymore.....heh.. reminders are, i take it, anything involving confronting a CO directly isn't my job, unless they come to me because their TGCO is running around somewhere)

Gawd... communication is so lacking in this TF sometimes... :/ COs list only has weekly updates from Mack and mostly reminders and rants by yours truly...hopefully some of that is getting through to someone out there. Heh.

oookay.. careful there.. heh.. must not take on too much...

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