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Can someone help me catch my cynic?

Crud.. where'd my cynic go? And my philosopher? Or is it one and the same.... Cynical Philosopher... hmmm..come to think of it, probably *is* one and the same... scary as that might sound

Been trying to write a few articles for StudenTalk because my back-up articles are running out ^^, think my columns got about 2 months more worth of articles to publish.

These were the two that got published in the July/August issue.

Okay.. so it seems to be a latest trend to show the world you can afford Calvin Klein underwear by displaying it in public. (whether that’s the case or people’s pants are a few sizes too small… I don’t know …why would you wear your pants on your knees anyway?)

I also noticed that that seems to be the trend only with CK underwear, if it’s any other brand it’s ‘not cool’ although I’ve seen some girls display their g-strings in public…which is…you’re paying for two pieces of string tied together and sold to you for a small fortune.

Okay let’s just get one thing straight… no wait, let’s take a look at the word now….underwear: Clothes worn next to the skin, beneath one's outer clothing. (Don’t believe me on that, refer to Mr. Dictionary. He really *is* your friend…)

under – beneath; wear – have on the body as clothing; so from that you can deduce that the item of clothing which is called ‘underwear’ is supposed to be worn UNDER your clothes, that includes the damn label since it’s part of said item. Makes sense, no? So why is it the ‘latest trend’ to have your knickers on display for all the public to see? (I’m hoping they’re clean half the time!) I don’t care what kind of underwear you wear I don’t want to see it! Keep it to yourself people please! Superman could wear his above his pants, doesn’t mean you can wear yours that way too.


Personal insight into something teenagers today rarely think about. The meaning of lyrics in a song. How many teenagers today listen a song without actually listening closer to the lyrics? The answer may surprise you, or perhaps not…

Ask any teenager to sing a song they just listened to, or not even sing, ask them what the song was about. Even do an experiment with a sibling, You probably wouldn’t be very surprised at the answer they might give you. The typical answer: “Who Cares?!? It’s just entertainment” O-o-okay…songs are there not just to entertain; they are there to bring forth a message of some sort. (that is how artists communicate with the world, at least those that aren’t there to make money then drop off the face of the Earth like nothing happened.) Expressing oneself is why some artists went into the ‘business’ (granted most do it for the money nowadays more often than for a channel to express themselves)

Sadly to say, much of today’s music and of today’s so called artists don’t even know the message of the song simply because they didn’t write the song or they just took an old famous and a popular song and added a few modern sounds and call the song theirs. And if they don’t call it theirs, then the fans think it’s theirs and think that the artist is ‘oh so great for coming up with that!’ In some cases the music doesn’t change but the words do, the lyrics of “Hernando’s Hideaway” have been changed to sickening words that I can’t and I don’t even *want* to recall here.

Personally I like and enjoy music that is either written by the artist, in other words, the song is written by the person who actually sings it afterwards. Those are the ones that go down in history and are remembered by a lot of generations to come. ABBA, Beatles, Elvis Presley to name just a few.

Why are those people still popular?!? Why are the Beatles so popular? One reason is because they wrote their own songs. Why do some people still love ABBA? Part of the reason is because they wrote their own songs. Why is Bryan Adams popular, even after such a long time of being popular back in the 80’s? Because he is writing his own songs.

Many of those singers and groups are considered classics partially because they wrote their own songs. Through writing their own songs and also singing them, they know just how to sing the song because they know the real message of the song. Many of today’s so called musicians don’t know the message because they are just given the song and pushed onto the stage to sing it.

In my Public Speaking class I did a speech against singers who sing what they are given, sadly to say I got this questions asked, “Today it is happening so much, is it really an issue?” - yes it does matter, no matter how small an issue is, it matters. Small can outlive the big! Size doesn’t matter! I stand by my claim even today and will continue standing by my claim until I’m pushing up daisies.

The messages delivered today by modern music are hardly to follow an example in any case…I conceder rap a disgrace to music, nor do I call it music…[Rap music is an oxymoron] (any moron can speak in the background of music, c’mon!!) Sure there is something called “freedom of speech” but as a bumper sticker says it:

Having the “right” to do it, doesn’t mean it’s “right” to do it

In any case much of today’s artists are just well marketed, but if you take a closer look there is nothing in there that remains to be followed or looked up to. I keep this in mind though, twenty years from now I will look back and see if Britney Spears, or any other “artist” will still be remembered and their music will still be listened to. I find it disturbing that today most teenagers don’t think about the lyrics or anything, they just think about what other teenagers would think about them if they didn’t ‘fit in’ by not listening to the rap song everyone seems to like and it is the latest of the latest.

Personally, I prefer to remain different and to hell with the consequences and what people think about me!!! I don’t want to be one of the sheep and blindly follow the shepherd around without asking myself ‘is it a good idea to do this? Do I really like it?’ Sadly friendship today mostly depends on inconsistent things such as clothes, and tastes in music and material things as opposed to things like personality and character.

Though they made a boo boo and put my name on the articles instead of having it just in the credits page at the front. So much for my anonymity... Now I can't bash the human race and not hear about it from someone in uni/at work. But eh.. no biggie...

I'm thinking of using my "Learning from negativity" rant for one of the articles, just edit it to fit things better, there.

just need to get writing again. If there's anything in particular anyone wants me to rant about, feel free to drop a suggestion...might take you up on that and if not get it published, put it in here.

Edit: couple of things I got to toy around with are:
- People complain that they've got no time to do other stuff, but they sleep 15 hours a day *cough*Darky*cough*
- honking (as the light turns green, quite popular here, at least give people a few seconds to react, don't start honking before the light even switches to green!)
- ‘happy as clams’ and other idioms (need a few more good idioms ... I did one on 'cliche's in the modern world, some time ago ) I mean how do you know if the clam's happy? anyone ever opened it up and went 'well.. so what?'
- morals (mostly things like cheating in college and whatnot..)

Need some others, after these run out. heh. So suggestions and ideas welcome!

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