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Learning from negativity

Few more personal thoughts on things. You don't have to agree with what's said here. I'm not shoving it down anybody's throats. This is just what I think, and what I've learned personally. If you learned something else, that's good too...learning is always good no matter which way you do it.

I’ve been through a lot of crud in my life. I used to dwell on it, used to be really negative about things… I still am somewhat negative about life and definitely cynical about things (my articles in StudenTalk show as much… ) but I’m not as negative as I was several years ago. I’m learning…I bounce back quicker after something bad happens to me.

What do you learn from a good thing? You get the misconception that everything's perfect and good, don't you?

What can you do with a positive situation? You don't change it, you keep at it, because, why change something good? If you like a certain show, you watch it until it's finished, you don't change the channel to see something else.

What do you learn from a bad situation? (other than it's usually a painful experience...) It's a reality check, isn't it?

there are two things you can do with a negative situation. Brood on it, become negative, whine about it and stay there. Or you can brood on it, be negative for a bit, maybe whine about it, and learn and move on.

I speak from experience here...Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

I’m not as negative and broody about things nowadays than I was several years ago. (unless it’s something really bad…and then it doesn’t usually last longer than a day or so) But then what did I learn from all the negativity? Not much, it just keeps happening again and again, until I actually realise that there’s a lesson in there. One that I have to learn. And I do learn. I gotta, otherwise I get to repeat the lesson again.

Negativity brings you down. Depression does exactly what it sounds like.. it presses on you, stifles your soul, stifles you. But just because it stifles you, doesn't mean you can let it. The power is within you to not let it stifle you. You can stop it.

What happens when you’re negative and depressed? You feel like you’re left all alone…Everything looks black and white to you. Everything looks hopeless…and if you don’t get out of it on time, you’re just going to sink in deeper and deeper. You just want to end it all right there, because why bother living if things are going so bad.

Music has been able to get me out of things before. Just a song or two, that get through the daze and tell me that there’s a light out there. Life's a rocky road, trick is to keep going. But now, I can do it myself. The second I catch myself thinking negatively, or brooding about something. I stop. Tell myself to shut up, and ask what the lesson here is. Start analysing things; tell myself it’s going to be okay eventually, I just have to learn from it.

No, I’m not sitting around here saying I’m Miss perfect. I’m not. Whilst I’m still alive and on this planet, I’m not perfect. Because nobody on this planet is perfect in every way…if you’re perfect, you’re dead. Because life itself isn’t perfect and it’s not meant to be perfect. It’s a learning experience! And you don’t learn anything from perfection. How can you? If it’s perfect, you leave it alone and do not touch it.

Of course, as I’m only human, I still slip into moments where I get all depressed, but like I said, it doesn’t last so long. I’m not perfect and I will never be perfect as long as I’m here…. I still snap at people and things if they aren’t going ‘good’ or if someone’s been down for a long time and I’ve tried everything I can and they just don’t listen… it gets frustrating…(a couple of my rants directed at someone, shown that…I keep telling myself, he’ll just have to realise it himself sometime, it’s taken me a few years, it might take him a couple of years as well) But I’ve realised it, that if I let myself criticize someone about something, then I better make darn well sure I’m not going out and doing the same thing myself!

It’s just that realisation bit. Realisation that you’ve done something wrong, that you’ve been a certain way you shouldn’t be in your opinion. That gets you to change if you don’t like the way you are. It's one thing to critisize someone, then turn around and do the same thing yourself, and keep doing it and keep critisizing people. But it's entirely different when you look back at your critisism of other people, and stop yourself from doing the same thing.

And whilst I’m still cynical (and I don’t think I’ll give that up, the articles are too fun to write, because I’ve taken an issue and shone some light onto it in a cynical yet positive way…who knows, it made me think and realise a few things, it might make some other people think…) I'm not as negative as I used to be.

At least I try not to be... I'm still learning...

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