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Double Standards?

And again, this isn’t directed at anyone in particular (I’m not the one to put thoughts into people’s heads…. This is just a general…just something that’d been on my mind for the past few days and I guess it kinda formed itself in my mind whilst I drove to work…) and I felt like it has to be said in here not just in my hand written journal with my deepest thoughts on things….maybe I should start putting my deeper thoughts in here as well.

I’ve complained/ranted about people whining to me all the time and etc… but some of you out there might think “hang on a second… all you do is whine at me if I talk to you!” and “don’t’ you realise you do the exact same thing…”

Actually…Yes…. I realise that...better than you might think I realise that.

Hence why I’m not really much of a whiner nowadays if I talk to people, because there’s always that voice in my head that’s going ‘wait… you rant about someone doing something you consider bad for them to do, yet you do the same thing and it is okay if you do it? How’s that fair?’ It’s not…so I stop.

This is really nothing more than a learning experience… if something annoys me about someone, sooner or later I realise that I may be doing something similar to that myself, and if I criticize folks about it, why should it be okay for me to do the same thing? It’s not. And when I remind myself of that, I stop. And it really works, so far. There are times when I want to complain to someone about something personal, but I stop and tell myself not to, because it might look like I’m whining.

Yeah, guess it’s back to the old me, keeping stuff in… but at least now I got my LiveJournal to vent and complain in, and if people see me venting and go “hang on, you do the exact same thing!” stop…because sooner or later, these entries serve to remind me of things that I *shouldn’t* do because I’m not too fond of people doing them to me.

Life’s really a learning experience…as are all the people that are sent your way. Some lessons are hard, some are easy…some are very hard…yet others we don’t learn until the day we die…

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