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Okay I know my last few entries have been more of a 'letting off steam' type entries. I think this stuff that's been bugging me for the past few months coming up now is.. yeah.. heh.. at least this is a better outlet than slapping this in 'is face, although I may do that one day when he steps on a nerve too hard...

CELTA course changes confirmed: new course dates are from 19th November to 15th of December.

Which might put a bit of a damper on things later on for me, depending on how many subjects I'm taking next semester. (should not be more than 2 i think...) need to catch Nawar again...My finals for that semeseter start on the 24th december and go on until January 5, 2006. I finish my CELTA just as I finish my semester and recess for study break for finals, one week oughta be enough to catch up on things I'd think...Not too bad I guess... still want to do CELTA, mom isn't too bright on the idea, but I'm doing it anyway. I know it'll be a bit of work, but it's not a waste of time and it'll be good to have an official English language teaching certificate on my hands. Can moonlight as an English teacher, hehehe

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