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set mode +webmonkey Jess...

Dan it's your fault... :P

two days gone by, I've set up two websites for two different folks... suppose it's not much, not really that much trouble either for most part but hehe..... keeps me outta trouble I suppose. Just as long as I don't end up taking care of all those sites in the end..

Troubleshooting I don't mind.. minor tweaks here and there I don't mind.. assistance where needed and where I can, I don't mind, but so help me if I end up webmastering half the sites in TF17.... I ain't exactly a genius with stuff if you take a look at my own site... heh..that's the SPMS software set up and modified for the Horizon.

I've played around with the .php files myself though. Made it a personal thing not to ask questions to the developer folks unless I was really stumped...Goodness knows they get a lot of questions which can be answered if you just look at the code, and think...

Funny how I can do that with php and can't with C++... Heh.. go figure.

And after muddling my way through things one time, and taking two hours to get the images and everything basic sorted out. Second time taking an hour and a half or so, I've had trouble with connecting the SQL database.. silly me didn't add the username to the database after creating it... d'oh.... it took only 40 minutes today! ::dance:: hehe..no errors.. hehe


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Aug. 22nd, 2005 12:05 pm (UTC)
Its all my fault! Which isn't actually far wrong, I did write the software in the first place :D

You know people only ask cause your good at it ;)

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