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Note to self: slap TF17 folks around to be more active...rather send off an e-mail about lack of 'activity' in things...

at least the Task Group COs seemingly have been slapped into activity for most part. That renegade CO who's got a bad site also has a horrific simm (like I said bad site = first sign of a simm gone wrong) the fact that he was about to lose his command in another TF from which he got transferred to ours, is a sign to raise red flags and at least keep an eye on things. But guess who kept an eye on him.... yup.. yours truly…his TGCO wasn't doing ye...

that little outburst a few days ago resulted in a few good things: TGCOs are not just sitting on their butts twiddling thumbs (well one of them isn't, not 100% sure about the other.. but things in his TG seem to be 'under control' from what I've observed)

Funny how I told myself I wouldn't get involved into TF administration business....granted i told myself I wouldn't get a command either, here I am six months and going... lol. Eh.. not complaining, I guess some things are meant to be.. and if you've been involved in these things before, you kinda get back into it. Force of habit...

As long as it's not taking away most of my time, like it did a few years ago. That's what burned me out last time..that and I was doing everyone else's jobs because they weren't doing it and I couldn't boot them off because they were friends' of the guy 'above me' in the Chain of Command. I think that experience on its own taught me a few things.. I'm not superwoman.. I can't do everyone's jobs even if I DO have the ability to handle things.

Which is why, now I'm more 'vocal' in things. If I have a concern , I’ll bring it up before resorting to dealing with it myself. (even though technically speaking my position does allow me to deal with things myself and do other folks’ duties if needed/required, but I’m not about to go down that road without exhausting my other options first…)

See I could've just gone and contacted the CO myself and raised concerns about his simm, but that's not my job exactly; although I would've done that if his TGCO would’ve ignored things any longer… (I think a few months of warnings/hints are more than enough chances..)

That’s that…got things moving there. Experience definitely helped there ^

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