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Man I completely forgot what I did today... O.o. things kinda went by really quickly... work was okay I guess...the usual stuff.

couple of random quizzes.... because I've got nothing else to post I guess

LiveJournal Username
Your most valued equpiment on this journey:
You seek:
Monsters flee when they hear you sing:
Complete the line: Both sides of you /
To pass the time, your lackeys:
By taking a wrong turn, you:
The biggest tension among the crew is:
Your crew's name is:
Your sturdy right-hand man/woman/thingnuktakupaya
Hostage child taken from random villagemodad
Drunken old pirate you found in a barburstsk
Handles way too many explosive thingstaylord1
Pretends to know karate but really doesn'tladystormcrow
To everyone's dismay, the official cookburstsk
Stoner who can supposedly see the futurecountrykat
You accomplish your goal:True
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LiveJournal Username
The color of the last highlighter you used
Why the bloody heck are you moving the furniture?!
The one who sends the piano down the steps;taylord1
Trips and crashes through the third story window;judetherat
Drops eggs from roof on people below with glee;countrygirl4ver
In charge of food = 23 bags of frozen meatballs;rjtremor
Finally decides to call professionals;darkkat666
The genius behind the brilliant idea to begin withtaylord1
Probability of this happening again;
This Fun Quiz created by Serena at BlogQuiz.Net
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Dan you sneak! :P

And I'm developing a headache... O.o for some obsessed reason...

edit: actually.. I just remembered.... watched the Audio Commentary on 'Wormhole xTreme!' that was it.. heh..

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