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I’m having trouble sleeping these days… :-/ only got one hour yesterday, about 2 -3 day before… slept more this night, but not continuously… I was really tired at round 8:30PM, so I went to bed shortly after…woke up around ten pm was pretty much tossing and turning, trying to fall asleep until about two am.. drifted in and out of sleep until the wee hours where I pretty much did fall asleep around 5am and slept until about 8… no idea why sleeping patterns’ like that.. I rarely have trouble sleeping… but eh..

ISP’s been a twit all day long pretty much…lost count how much it booted me off today. And FireFox froze about ten times… again be cause of the Internet connection bit.. router kept dropping it all the time apparently, no matter how many times I’ve done a complete reset. I’ve not even called up the ISP to find out what’s up, I pretty much know what they’re gone tell me, either it’s a problem on my side or they’re still dealing with putting the cables back up….hoping it’ll stabilize sometime soon, I couldn’t really get any research done today… not with all them “This page contains no data” messages popping up and FireFox constantly freezing because it’s trying to load 11 pages at the same time...

Ah well...

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