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Overslept slightly.. ehrm... course having gone to bed at 3 am it's amazing I'm functioning now without one heckuva headache.. amazingly that's gone now and my eyes are much better today... sore throat still remains, but it doesn't bug me as much... go figure.. hehe..

Nice to see stuff in TF17 finally moving.. Drew sent out an e-mail to the CO yesterday regarding the site and plus, as I suggested to 'im to look deeper into the simm itself. (most often a horribly done website is the first sign of a simm going not too well...) so yeah.. he did look into that.. that simm averages 4 teeny almost one liner posts a month for the past half a year. it's normal to have drops in posts every now and then (I've got 'em, simms I'm on have 'em), but this looks like a steady thing. So yeah.. kicked one into gear ^ hah! ::wonders if she's doing her own job here... kicking folks into gear... um.. ::

onto C++ which is due tomorrow, and to which I couldn't get to do much in the least few days because of my health....I'm so behind on things... >.

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