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Got dragged out by folks today... to mercato... people... >.< going to a shopping mall full of people since it's the weekend when you got one heckuva headache and irritated eyes is NOT a good idea....think I came back barely alive >.< woke up with some coffee once I got back home, have a feeling my BP managed to go spoof. Am not entirely sure what's my 'norm' anymore... lol...

my usual is 96/74 I think..or something along high 90s and mid 70s/low 80s.... I've been told it's natural for me.. shows how often I go to the doctors... heh.. eh I shouldn't worry much I guess... I know the main issue are my eyes and allergies that affect them from the weather and too many people in one small area with different perfumes.. gah...sore throat and blocked nose don't help much either... I so better get better by the end of August... O.o

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