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Spent the day in bed pretty much...though was ok in the morning for about two three hours...ambled off to take meds because my eyes weren't all cooperative with me...(irritated/itchy + headache resulting from eyes being irritated/itchy.. gah) So that knocked me out for a few hours. not that i could do anything much other than lie around anyway.. eyedrops KO me completely...

Got up at two, mum finally noticed that I'm not lying around lazily but it's actually a valid reason... (my red eyes kinda gave it away there.. heh...) so she let me be for most part..

I got a headhache now...trying to stay near the computer to do some actual work, but doubt it's happening today...not with all the typos and me putting things in the wrong windows... O.o

Lazyday.. I hate having days like that.. but there's little I can do about them when it's my eyes that are affected the most...

oh and now I've seen everything.....Beverage holder/cigarette lighter thing for your computer... Apparently using coasters is passe.

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