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Came home at around 5PM, dead tired and buggerd by allergies and the stupid cold...been arranging and going through audio cassettes to make sense of things there, the librarian whose job it was left in May and no one really touched the cassettes until now. I took a look in there and through the entire filing cabinet to fix the stuff up and put it in order. Some of them tapes need the books re-ordered because they came with kits and hte kits have been lost, but we don't lend the original tapes. so if we get the replacement books we can copythe tapes again and put 'em out as kits again. ^^

Came home and barely had enough time to put my stuff down when got thrown a few chores.... two hours later I finally got the chance to actually get out of my work clothes and check my mail and get back onto a computer.. when mom walksin and tells me I'm online too much.. O.o ehrm. yeah.. I checked my mail in the morning, then went to work, and came back at 5... spent two hours doing chores, and only got on the computer at 7 pm, how is that too much?!

Chatted with Dan on and off. makes me feel kinda better even if my head's all stuffy and I got a box full of tissues next to least my eyes seemed to have settled down for now because the heat wave's gone off for now.. just too dang humid right now... but yeah.. think I'm ok as long as the sun ain't frying things outside... lol.. go figure...

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