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Work was nice ^^ weeding out the videos, well weeded out for most part. we got rid of most of the marketing stuff back from 1992. I got the job of deleting them off the catalogue.. hehe...but 't was good ^ something that needed to be done at one stage. Summer project of sorts, heh.

We really should weed out the marketing section anyway, lots of books that are ages old, and we're not meant to keep more then two editions of the same title. takes up space, and really stuff from early 90s is not really that applicable now , especially when it comes to Info tech.

Came home, still feeling tad bleh...huge headache.. went for a little nap, but prior to that got thrown a few chores to do by the parents... X_x apparently if I lie down in the middle of the day I'm being a lazy git...tho I told mom I feel like crud, she kinda eased off a tad..think I slept for about an hour.. which was okay I guess.. didn't relieve the headache that much, but eh...

Net continues being evil by booting me off whenever it pleases...They've yet to fix the 'cut cable' (according to Etisalat anyway....they're working on it) but at least it lets me onto most things now, although browsing's a bit of a pain in the neck in some ways. That little "Document contains no data" message popping up from time to time is starting to get on my nerves...

Sore throat is never good...and mom complains why I'm sneezing/coughing a lot and that I should stop.. well.. um... if I could stop I would... sheesh

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