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Morning stuff

Wonderful.. managed to catch a cold and get an upset stomach.. X_x ... got this feeling in my stomach that I'm going to throw up.. nearly did earlier on, but I think me lying down for a bit helped calm that down.

I've got too much to do today to get sick, TYVM.... >.<

Daily morning routine now includes sending out mail to folks related to TF17. Heh. Though it'll take a while to beat 3 e-mails to the mailing list regarding folks submitting their reports on time, watching the typos on their site and recruiting stuff. and 2 page and a half long ones to the TFCO/senior staff. Though I constantly prod the TFCO to get stuff done (part of my job :D though there's no official job description, but throwing out ideas to help improve the TF is part of things)

Sore throat.. wheee...

Need my coffee...I'se do...
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