Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

So I got dragged out last night, Dad needed help choosing a cell phone. Finally decided on a Samsung, I forgot the model, but it's a sliding one. big screen and all that dad needs. (he's got no need for a camera and the like, and most Nokia's here are camera-frenzied....) SGH700 or something.. older model, last year's I think. but it's good.

All that looking around for a phone for him,. made me wonder if I should change mine... >.< Mine's Pantech G500, good phone, but tricky to find ring tones for, they have to be .mff or .mid format. I've tried finding some programs that convernt .wav and .mp3 to .mid, but none of the ones I found convert more than one second of a file, which is really... silly... but eh I can live with my Third Rock from the Sun tone. hehe.. though I'd like an NCIS one. but really, that's details details. As long as the phone works, I'm okay.

Hoping Showtime folks are coming today, because I want to catch NCIS tonight, can catch the re-run tomorrow at 1400, but.. I'm not home until after that time, and the showtime folks can't come before that (because I'm not home... i gotta be there for them to come as the contract's with me. (I had it changed to my name as the consignee because Darky wouldn't deal with 'em when I had an issue. took me awhile to get him to agree to changing the names on the thing too...) )

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