Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Crud...Showtime's out

*again* searching for signal... thinking it's the LNB, since I can't even get to any of the free channels. signal's showing up as weak, at about 30%, so I take it is more the LNB, than the receiver.

Called 'em up again, made a new service job card thing... not sure when they're coming, hopefully it's sometime on Saturday, because I won't be around much on Sunday and I really want to catch NCIS sicne I'mt aping it, and it's a new tape I'm starting. so it's not like I can skip forward 42 minutes and tape next week's show from there. though I might tape the other three episodes on another tape then tape this one when it comes on when the show's re-run, so really not such a big deal....just a minor set back really...

Eh.. we'll see what happens... :: crosses fingers, just in case ::
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