Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Reading stuff...

Allrighty, I gave up readong 'the Chamber' 150 pages in and I just don't know..trying to figure out what the plot of the thing IS. Now reading "the Restaurant at the end of the Universe" , then probably going to read Sidney Sheldon's 'Are you Afraid of the Dark' , or maybe I should read that first, since it'll probably take me just about two hours to finish; I usually zip through his books mighty quickly.

Still got a runny nose; though it sorta settled for most part. Right eye was irritated today, not sure why. I think I put too much eyedrops in, it KOed me for some time there. Trust me to run out of the eyedrops that are actually most effective! :: mutters :: stayed off the computer for most part of the day too I think. Well duh, cuz I was KOed.

I wanna watch a movie or something on DVD today or tomorrow morning. Not sure what to watch. I'm in the mood for some comedy, so might watch Airplane! or Loose Canons. Or something, I don't know... dang. too much stuff to choose from.
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