Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

What's this? Not my day with technology?

Now my Showtime's busted... keeps searching for the signal....restarted the receiver, checked the LNB, dish's still there... wires still intact... still says it's looking for a signal...:: mutters:: *could* be wires that got busted, because it's so dang hot over here I woudln't be surprised if something melted in there....

Called 'em up; they said they'll send someone over to check things either Saturday or Sunday, because it doesn't seem to ba e problem on their end, so it's either the LNB or the receiver. (not surprised, already had the receiver changed once) SUnday's no good for me... >>.<< Don't want to miss NCIS on Saturday night, and I wont be home half a day on Sunday.

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