Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

*mails ISP to AbuDha...oh wait they're already there too...*

Well got on AIM and ICQ, so whoohoo! still can't browse squat aside LJ, ZO, BF forums, EF Forums, and TF17 forums. I can't even log on to >.< or geesh...

oh and.. ISP's explanation...

Dear Valued Customer,

You may have been experiencing slow speeds with your Internet service of late.

The problem you may be facing is due to a temporary breakdown of international links resulting from a submarine cable cut outside the UAE and this repair is beyond our control. Etisalat and eCompany are coordinating with the global submarine cable operator to restore normalcy to the service at the earliest.

The redundant links deployed by Etisalat for such an eventuality have meant that normal Internet browsing and email traffic will continue to work. However performance related to applications like gaming and peer to peer will be affected.

We apologize for the inconvenience this disruption may have caused. We will keep you informed as soon as the service is restored to normalcy. At eCompany we are committed to giving you the best Internet experience possible and we look forward to your patience and understanding as we deal with this situation.

Best Regards

Customer Service Team
eCompany - Etisalat

Cut cables? Gee... how.... aiy... "what's this?" " I don't know.." *snip* "Ooops" ???

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