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*shoots ISP in the head*

Net at home is HOPELESS! >.< I've lost access to MSN, AIM and ICQ. So if I'm not online, this is why...

I've lost access to hotmail from home, so don't send anything there... The only addresses that are working are my address and my eim account. So if anyone needs to send me anything, do so to or

Though I got IRC working , however wonky. heh. >.< keeps booting me offline, but i have to reset the gateway every hour or so just so it keeps the connection 'alive' otherwise i get errors in receiving/sending e-mail and such (which seems to work for the moment...)... bloody annoying this is.

ISP's saying it's an issue with cables... I dont' know, they best have it fixed ASAP, this LJ entry's done from uni. Can't do much at home at this stage.
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