Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Daily mumbles

Busy day at work >.< I don't think i got a chance to sit down whilst I was there. Spent the better part of the time shifting hte collection to spread it out on the shelves. all done though, so that's good.. my hnds however feel otherwise >.>

Came home just as folks were going out, so mom's like 'come with us, you'r eonline too much' (funny that I barely had enough time to check my email in the morning before scooting off to work... so yeah.. got draggegd off to Burjuman... can't complain much aside the fact that my feet are KILLING me right now from all that walking! Did buy the latest Sidney Sheldon paperback though. (was waiting for the price to go down ^^)

Come home, ISP is being a twit... call 'em up, you know your ISP is at fault when you get an auto response from them saying the number's busy and hanging up on you. (as opposed to the usual "all our customer care reps are busy serving other customers, please hold..." spiel) finally reached 'em, they say it's an issue with cabling somewhere in India (what does India has to do with Etisalat is beyond me...) affecting all non http traffic.. so I'm not on any IMs and the e-mail works wonky at best (and that's if I reset the router every fifteen minutes...) same with browsing actually.. although that seemed to have somewhat stablised now. more or less.. still takes ages to load a page, which is annoying given that i'm on ADSL....

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