Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,


Wow I've been busy ^^ Spent the longer part of the day cleaning my room and transferring stuff from cassettes to .mp3 to throw onto my MP3 player later. I've done 6 tapes so far.

I need to get a legit version of Sound Force Audio Studio 7.0. I'm using the trial version now and it does pretty much everything i need it to do ^^ I just need to get my head around and tinker with the sound engineering bits and pieces. walk the walk and talk the talk ^ I've done it before with a sound board, but not with a software program. Not that much difference, really, but still.

My net has been a pain in the mik'ta all day long >.< Stuff's loading but in spurrs. It's irritating as heck at times. Taken me about ten minutes just to get this page up...

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