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Daily rambles, library stuff mostly

Changed my wallpaper.. and for a change it's not a Daniel Jackson one LOL. It's a Gibbs one. Gotta have variety, really ^^

Made labels for my folders, finally. Now I know what's where exactly and it looks all organized like it should. Dang, my librarian streak's kickin' in at home.. just wait until I start cataloguing my books...

speaking of library, re-arranging stuff there, and getting rid of older materials. I think I on my own got rid of about a hundred journals today. we're making space for books, our 800 - 999 section is getting a tad tight, because of all the niew 813.54 books we've been buying this summer.

Plus we're putting out the videos into the main collection so that's 791.4 - 799 pretty much and that takes up a bit of shelf space. mostly 791.4372 although some 791.4572s too... shelf space gettin' tight ^ I got the work cut out for me next time I'm in ! But I love this sorta stuff, organizing ^^ hehe.. although my wrists may not like it that much so I'll have to be careful...

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