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Road rants

Aighty.... I'm really getting annoyed with all the construction going on around here... it's ridiculous that DETOURS have detours now! >.< Not to mention all them huge trucks on the roads blocking traffic everywhere...

Dubai and especially Jumeirah used to be such a nice place a few years ago. I mean Dubai now has so much smog and crud from all the trucks you can see how environmentally friendly we are....

Now everywhere you go it's like construction here, construction there, everything's blocked off, take a detour here, take another one there. A ten minute trip takes nearly an hour >.< And you're never sure if you're going to go by the same road twice in one day at times. And they dont' really tell you much that it's blocked off up ahead, until it's actually blocked off, and the sign's right there "Sorry road closed" Bubba, couldn't tell me that 3miles ago?! so I wouldn't have to turn that way in the first place? Is it really too much to ask for???

P.S. I need more Gibbs icons.....


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Jul. 31st, 2005 05:08 pm (UTC)
Hey, be glad you can drive. Besides, just keep telling yourself it'll all be over eventually.
Jul. 31st, 2005 06:36 pm (UTC)
Eventually might just be when I curl up and die from old age at this rate... >.< at the rate Dubai's going they're just building new stuff day in and day out. Seriously it's ridiculous!

They're planning on expanding Sheikh Zayed road, and that's already packed enough as it is with construction going on both sides (Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, Dubai Finance City all around that side....) and Knowledge Village (where I study and work) is near DIC and DMC and all, ten minutes walk from there to the office where I write for the magazine, but it takes me about 20 minutes to drive there because they've put up detours all over the place and you have to go out on the main road half of which is blocked off so you have to take a detour to get there ... oy...... and walk in this heat is an easy way to a heart attack at any age....

You're okay with the construction only for a year or two, but they've been at it for at least four years now... well Jumeirah just one year, but around DIC and whatnot close to four years now. They were building DIC when I was in the other university.

I'm getting weary of all them orange cones now... O.o
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